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Meet Data Center Decision Makers in Your Region!

Data Center World Local events aim to bring together over 150 data center professionals – those leading the data center industry – in your local area. These one-day events connect peers for real-world conversations, insight and education by/for end users and solution providers.

Sponsorship of the Data Center World Local events gives you one full day of concentrated time with local data center professionals.

Top 3 Reasons to Sponsor:

  1. A Full Day with End Users - With approx. 150 attendees, you’ll be guaranteed quality time to build relationships, learn about the industry’s pressing concerns, and discuss your product offerings.
  2. Generate Leads for your Local Sales Teams - Meet fresh faces, tap into new budgets and explore new opportunities
  3. Limited Sponsorship Availability - With a limited number of sponsorships available, this allows your company to stand out amongst attendees—make sure they hear your message and not just your competitor's pitch.

For more information and to secure your sponsorship today, contact:

Phone: +1-513-322-1550